About Android Mobile Phones

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Our site’s goal is to be an informative resource for SmartPhones that operate with the Android operating system.

Sometime in 2005 “Google” purchases a start up company called “Android”. They developed a revolutionary software that could incorporate the Google line of products like the Chrome browser and gmail. The use of smart mobile phones has skyrocketed and the operating system that run the applications has greatly improved over recent years. Many competitors exist and Android being open source is poised to dominate the market even surpassing the iPhone OS, our opinion is surmized because of the restrictions of gthe devices such as the iPhone and iPod Touch MP3 player and iPad.
The Palm OS does works in a similar way and is also restricted to Palm models. Another rival is Windows Mobile but for now not a major competitor. Samsung’s Bada OS is not as advanced as Android. Android OS is the most user friendly operating systems available.

With the backing of Google’s vast resources, Android has enjoyed the best start possible, with funding and a recognized name that is always investing in the future. The Android OS is a software bundle includes the great features that Google has developed. These features are now available on mobile phones as well as your pc. Apps, or applications, are widely successful and people love em. Thousands of new apps seem to be announced often and perform a variety of functions on your mobile phone.

The number of available Android mobile phones is growing with the following available: HTC Desire, HTC Legend, Google Nexus One, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, HTC Hero, Motorola Milestone.