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Conjuring Android's best features

GOOGLE'S LATEST ANDROID mobile operating system is incredibly powerful. Many of us don't come close to touching its potential capabilities.

Can flip phones make a comeback? LG announces Ice Cream Smart

We all remember flip phones which dominated the mobile phone market not too long ago. They might seem a thing of the past but could they make a comeback?

Alcatel One Touch Fierce 2 (T-Mobile)

The Alcatel One Touch Fierce 2 is a T-Mobile phone that does many things inexpensively, but not particularly well.

Hands-on review: Kodak IM5

There's an older generation that still prefers to say they're capturing a "Kodak Moment" and wouldn't even know what "Instagram it" means, and for them there's the Kodak IM5. Kodak IM5 is an extremely simplistic Android smartphone from the rebounding photography brand and mobile device manufacturer Bullitt. It's nothing special, but that's the point. Its basic menus make it easy to use, there's …

Cablevision Freewheels Into WiFi-Only Phone Territory

Cablevision on Monday announced plans for Freewheel, an all-WiFi mobile phone service offering unlimited data, talk and text to residents of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. The prepaid service will connect to Cablevision's Optimum Online WiFi network of 1.1 million hotspots. Optimum Online is Cablevision's high-speed Internet service.

Android Game Apps Are Becoming As Profitable As Those On The iPhone

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images The iPhone has always been, the consensus goes, the rich man’s phone. iOS customers earn more than Android users. They spend more on apps and on in-app purchases. And advertising rates are higher. But new figures show that this prevailing wisdom is no longer always the case: In some categories, Android apps are becoming just as profitable for developers as those on …

Apple's iOS beats Android in fourth-quarter activations

Apple's operating system accounted for 50 percent of all US activations in the fourth quarter, inching out Android's 45 percent share.

Mental health monitoring through 'selfie' videos and social media tracking

Researchers at the University of Rochester have developed an innovative approach to turn any computer or smartphone with a camera into a personal mental health monitoring device.

Pushpay announces 3.7 app update

Pushpay Holdings Limited (NZAX:PAY) (Pushpay) announces payments using the Pushpay app on iOS and Android have just become simpler, faster and more secure. The latest update of the Pushpay app, 3.7, has been released today on iOS and Android. Update 3.7 delivers Touch ID payments on iOS and the ability to enter credit or debit card details by using a mobile phone camera on both iOS and Android.

Motorola to slash prices on phones, accessories

The mobile phone vendor hopes to woo consumers with Valentine's Day promotions.