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AppCow™ Launches Virtual Currency Membership Card for Android in Time for Black Friday

NEW YORK, Nov. 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – New York based company AppCow has launched its Android Membership Card in time for Black Friday, to be sold online and in stores in all 50 states. AppCow membership provides a way for Android users to discover, install and redeem virtual currency in Apps they want. "This is an entirely untapped channel in the mobile user acquisition space," says Jacob …

Mobile bloodshed — the next casualty

Samsung’s mobile business has started to struggle. There are rumors about a shakeup in the top management, including the head of the mobile division. Mobile phone business has been true bloodshed during the last 3 years, just to mention the biggest casualties Motorola and Nokia.

First budget Android One phone arrives in UK, but faces stiff competition

The Sparkle V from Indian firm Karbonn Mobile is the first phone to launch in the UK that follows Google's Android One spec for low-cost smartphones — but it's not as cheap as you might think.

Google, Samsung And The Future of Mobile Entertainment

With deep apologies to Shakespeare, would a phone by any other name call so sweet? That was the question, more or less, for me when I tried out phones and other Android-based devices from Google and Samsung in recent days. I wanted to explore some of the most notable mobile devices made by two giant companies not named Apple , and see what they suggest about where entertainment is headed. As …

24 hours of Windows Phone: The app gap is killing me

No sooner do I write about my Apple vs. Android angst than Microsoft hooks me up with a new HTC One (M8) with Windows Phone, throwing a new wrinkle into my internal dialogues — this is my first time using a Microsoft-powered mobile device since running Windows Mobile 6 on my Samsung Blackjack II back in 2009.

Android One debuts in UK with Karbonn Sparkle V

Indian smartphone maker Karbonn has brought its Android One phone, the Sparkle V, to the UK

What one recent iPhone convert still misses about Android

Although many online forums are dominated by hardcore iOS or Android fanboys, there are some levelheaded people out there who can see the plusses and minuses of each platform. Business Insider’s Jillian D’Onfro recent picked up a new iPhone and, while she thinks it’s a fantastic device overall,  she still misses some things about her old Android device. RELATED: Here’s what happens when a …

Malicious SMS: 6 things you need to know

The self-propagating worm bombards users with pop-up advertisements, and security experts believe Android-based mobile malware like this is going to be more common and sophisticated.

Thai start-up develops low-cost 3G/4G network testing app

Telecom operators in Thailand who need to verify a mobile phone mast's signal can do so at a price 10 times lower than traditional testing tools, thanks to six developers from Freewill FX, a start-up company that introduced a 3G / 4G network testing application in the country, Bangkok Post reported.

Android Pay is coming to China, UnionPay courts smartphone makers

Android could soon be a strong player in the mobile payments market and provide Apple Inc. with some competition. The largest issuer of debit and credit cards in China, China UnionPay has been promoting Android Pay, according to Shanghai’s China … Continue reading →